Branding your company requires a strategic plan for the image you want to represent as well as the audience you want to target. We can offer target marketing online or offline through many different marketing platforms.

All of our designs are kept strictly confidential for your privacy. We will not post your newly designed material on our homepage; however, we have sample projects of non existing companies shown below for portfolio purposes.

Adwords Management

We are experts in gathering the most effective keywords related to your industry and establishing the most cost efficient methods available for your budget. Keywords will be managed through search networks and image ads are managed through display networks. Display campaigns with our customized graphic ads are another way to brand your business on many different websites within your industry. Additionally, building a remarketing campaign captures the attention of those customers who have clicked on your site; however, decided to contact your company at a later time. Remarketing works by placing your customized image ad on any websites your visitors browse after they have left your site. This is a wonderful tool to brand your company and it also helps to bring customers back to your website. If they click on the remarketing ad, then they are 65% more likely to convert the second time around! If they don’t click on it, well then it’s free branding.

Press Release

We have access to hundreds of PR agents who can write or edit a press release about your company or report. Articles on these sites and newspapers will help get your name out there as well as establish a more reputable brand by having third parties recommending your company.

Postcard Design

Brand your company’s name right into your target audience’s hands. Our graphic designers will develop professional looking postcards for all of your subscribers. Eye catching appeal with a simplistic design is our usual recipe for success. Need a list of people to send these captivating postcards out to? We can help.

Social Media

Want thousands of real followers on twitter or likes on facebook? Let us know. How about a more professional look? We specialize in graphic design for twitter, facebook, youtube, and google+.

How It works:

  • Purchase a campaign / contact us
  • Tell us your company name
  • Brief company description
  • Tell us your goals for branding
  • We will review your website, name, and logo
  • We will develop a strategy
  • You review
  • Monthly meetings and analytics reports
  • Done!

(Estimated completion time: minimum six months)


Sample Projects